By Pittsburgh Dentist Dr. Dan Rairigh

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth for those with no remaining teeth (complete dentures) or used to replace several missing teeth (partial dentures). Denturs will improve your smile and facial apparence.

What are dentures?

Dentures by Pittsburgh dentist Dr. Dan RairighOften patients take their teeth for granted. They don’t realize the difficulties with speech, eating, and social interactions that may arise after teeth have been extracted.

Ideally patients should do all they can to keep their natural teeth, because when a patient is left without teeth they have very few options. The first is to remain edentulous (stay with missing teeth), another is to have full dental implants placed, have a denture made, or a combination of the denture and implants.

Most affordable option to replace missing teeth is dentures.

Benefits of Dentures?

  • A patient gains some ability to chew
  • Speech is better when teeth are present to help with certain sounds ie. “s”, “f”
  • Cosmetically having the teeth allows confidence in social interactions
  • The denture can be designed to “fill” facial features some ( sunken in areas)
  • Dentures improve your smile

Alternative Options to Dentures

  • Traditional dentures –most economical some issues with staying in place
  • Suction cup lining
  • Mini dental implant stabilization- quick and easy minimally invavsive placement of 4 hundreds of small suction cups on under side increase suction small implants and retrofitting old denture.
  • Standard implant stabilization- 2- 4 larger diameter implants placed
  • Full implant loaded crowns ( permanent – non removable)

Why would Someone Need to Get Dentures?

  • Over time teeth have gradually been extracted as they broke or hurt
  • Majority of remaining teeth are broken and not restorable or finances are limited
  • Severe periodontal disease that has gone untreated ( teeth get infected and too loose)

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